Helly Hansen Revolutionizes Distribution Center with SDI Element Logic Partnership and Adoption of AutoStore

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Facing rapid growth and scalability needs, Helly Hansen, the leading manufacturer of sportswear and workwear for rugged outdoor environments, partnered with SDI Element Logic to transform its Sumner, WA, distribution center with the AutoStore automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). This strategic move addressed growth and efficiency challenges and streamlined operations, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction—a key milestone in Helly Hansen's quest for operational excellence.

Helly Hansen & SDI Element Logic Automate DC with AutoStore


Helly Hansen's rapid U.S. expansion highlighted critical scalability and efficiency challenges. The brand sought a scalable solution to enhance distribution and exceed customer expectations. A partner with global reach, a strong U.S. presence, 24/7 support, and top-tier software became essential for navigating these complexities and achieving a seamless, efficient operational upgrade.

Scaling Up in the Competitive U.S. Market


Helly Hansen’s Warehouse Transformation with AutoStore Solution


A Seamless Automation Transition

Optimizing Operations with AutoStore ASRS

Helly Hansen partnered with SDI Element Logic to overhaul its distribution operations using the AutoStore automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). This implementation, featuring 50,000 bins, 36 robots, and 10 carousel ports, marked a shift towards unparalleled operational efficiency. The transition from manual, labor-intensive processes to an automated, efficient system addressed the critical challenge of Helly Hansen's rapid growth and the need for adaptable warehouse space.

eManager, Industry-Leading Warehouse Management Software (WCS) 

AutoStore, augmented by SDI Element Logic’s WCS system, eManager, redefined Helly Hansen’s order fulfillment approach. The AutoStore system not only simplifies the handling of various order types—including direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, and complex wholesale—but also integrates picking, packing, and shipping into a seamless, unified operation. 

"Element Logic’s software was developed to maximize the efficiency of AutoStore while offering fast deployment at a very competitive price. This played a key differentiator in the selection process."

Brian Crowle, 

Account Executive at SDI Element Logic


The Transformative Impact of AutoStore

The deployment of AutoStore by SDI Element Logic transformed Helly Hansen's operations. With a more efficient system, e-commerce orders that were previously taking 2-3 days can now be completed in just half a day, enhancing customer satisfaction through quicker deliveries. Furthermore, the shift to automation improved employee well-being by reducing the physical demands of warehouse work and overtime needs during peak season. AutoStore's modular design ensures Helly Hansen's operation remains agile and scalable, aligning perfectly with its growth trajectory and reinforcing its commitment to operational excellence. 


Choosing SDI Element Logic

Helly Hansen prioritized finding a partner that could elevate its distribution efficiency. SDI Element Logic emerged as the optimal choice due to its global infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and robust support. SDI Element Logic's 24/7 support, factory-trained technicians, and superior warehouse management software were critical to this selection, aligning perfectly with Helly Hansen's need for a partner to support their growth in the U.S. market.

"The proven track record of Element Logic in exceeding Helly Hansen’s expectations in Europe established a deep trust in their capabilities," 

– Brian Crowle, Account Executive at SDI Element Logic. 


SDI Element Logic's implementation of the AutoStore solution has been a resounding success. Helly Hansen experienced a significant transformation in its distribution operations, marked by enhanced efficiency, scalability, and customer satisfaction. 

Success with AutoStore Solution by SDI Element Logic

Space Optimization

Increased storage capacity in the existing footprint

Speed and Efficiency

Reduced order fulfillment times from 2-3 days to half a day


Achieved exceptional uptime with minimal disruptions

Flexibility & Scalability

Enabled easy system expansion to match growth

Operational Excellence

Reduced operational costs and enhanced employee well-being

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